Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cinematocology's Midnight Matinee: Killer Elite

Killer Elite is Open Road Films' debut motion picture, which opened to critical acclaim in September, 2011. The action/suspense thriller is a high-adrenaline story, which depicts a team of troubleshooters taking on the terrorists as they battle their fiercest enemies ever.

Cinematicology's Movie of the Day: Death Ship

Survivors of a mysterious passenger cruise liner are engulfed in a web of terror in this Embassy Pictures cult favorite, which was released theatrically in 1980. As the captain of a deadly cruise liner (George Kennedy) is embroiled in getting the surviving family members back in the vessel, they discover that most of the dead bodies of some of the former passengers sailing on a trans-Atlantic vacation have been found; and though, as expected, one of the former on-sea victims is killed by the ship's propeller.

Death Ship - your personal vacation in hell!

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